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Metric geometry tools for automatic structure phase map generation

This paper describes a computational statistical tool to efficiently obtain a phase map from multi-scale experimental measurement profiles obtained from high-throughput small-angle X-ray scattering experiments of polymer blend systems. We show that learned metric geometry can efficiently differentiate ordered phase regions with shifted, missing, and broad Bragg peaks along with features related to non-Bragg behavior of soft-matter systemsThe metric geometry allows us to define a shape distance between scattering profiles invariant to phase-independent transformations thus valuable for obtaining a phase map. 

A high-throughput workflow for the synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals using a sonochemical materials acceleration platform

An automated high-throughput protocol was developed demonstrating the synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals using sonochemistry and different combinations of sample conditions, including precursor and ligand compositions and concentrations. A total of 625 unique sample conditions were prepared and analyzed in triplicate with an individual sample volume of as little as 0.5 mL, which drastically reduced chemical waste and experimental times. Statistical analysis of the spectroscopic data corroborates the qualitative relationships observed from the optical characterization of the samples with the model-agnostic SHAP analysis. The complete workflow relies on relatively low-cost and open-source systems. 

The laboratory of Babel: highlighting community needs for integrated materials data management

Automated experimentation methods are unlocking a new data-rich research paradigm in materials science that promises to accelerate the pace of materials discovery. However, if our data management practices do not keep pace with progress in automation, this revolution threatens to drown us in unusable data. In this perspective, we highlight the need to update data management practices to track, organize, process, and share data collected from laboratories with deeply integrated automation equipment.

High-throughput and data driven strategies for the design of deep-eutectic solvent electrolytes

We develop and demonstrate the use of high-throughput and data-driven strategies to accelerate the investigation of new DES formulations. This work demonstrates new methods to accelerate the collection of key DES metrics, providing data to formulate robust property prediction models and obtaining insight on interactions between molecular components.  Moreover, these approaches can also be extended to tackle other materials challenges with large molecular design spaces.

Autonomous retrosynthesis of gold nanoparticles via spectral shape matching

Synthesizing complex nanostructures and assemblies in experiments involves careful tuning of design factors to obtain a suitable set of reaction conditions. In this paper, we study the application of Bayesian optimization (BO) to achieve autonomous retrosynthesis of a specific nanoparticle or nano-assembly structure, shape, and size starting from a set of reagents selected a priori.  

Multivariate analysis of peptide-driven nucleation and growth of Au nanoparticles

In this work we synthesize gold nanostructures using a liquid-handling robot and present new data analysis methods to quantitatively compare the effect of peptides and peptide modifications on gold nanoparticle synthesis outcomes. The peptides used were gold binding peptides Z2 and AG3, as well as five Z2 variants obtained by sequence modification or conjugation of a lipid tail. 

Publication List



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